On a canoe on the Nam Khan river in Laos.

About Me

Hi! I’m True. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a teen from the Top End of Australia. I enjoy writing (and reading) stories. History intrigues me, and I am passionate about human rights issues. Although I am sometimes shy with the unfamiliar, I like meeting new people and finding out their stories.

I love to travel, something I’m quite blessed to be able to do a lot, as my dad likes to take the whole family for most of his work trips.

My favourite subject at school is English, and I enjoy debating and public speaking.

I have two amazing sisters, one funny brother and one escape artist dog, all younger than me.

I am a follower of Jesus, and seeking to love him more every day.

I like to climb trees and watch sunrises; I should do more of both.

I enjoy reading historical fiction, from any time period.

I’m looking forward to where this blog will take me, and will enjoy hearing and writing all the stories!

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