True Story
Sunrise over the beach of Tutala, Timor-Leste

About True-Story

This blog actually started out as an idea for my Duke of Edinburgh ‘skill’ project. I wanted to do something different, new and exciting; something that would be worthwhile and enjoyable. The idea of starting a blog drifted in my mind a little, but the solid idea didn’t happen until my dad pounced on it while I was listing off a bunch of random options. Credits to you, Dad!

True-Story was actually the name of a site I had when I was much younger- back then, the idea was to write picture books and sell them to donate money for charity. That didn’t actually last very long, as I lost passion for writing for a while. (I still have the stories of the ‘books’ I printed off… maybe someday I’ll post them here.)

Anyway, we decided that True-Story would be the perfect name for this blog, not only for sentimental reasons, but because that was exactly what the blog should be about: true stories.

So here is my dream for this blog.

I want people to always take something away from every post.

I want to raise awareness of the issues of this world, the things I am passionate about.

I want people to get insight to the lives of others; we learn a lot by looking at others.

I want people to see the value in adventure, in challenge and in exploring the unknown.

I want people to also see beauty in the everyday, phenonemonal majesty that surrounds us in the small things.

This may be a bit of a broad dream for my little blog- but I think it joins together well under ‘True Stories’. This is life; the people, the adventure, the beauty- all true stories.