Souvenirs: an explanation

This is just a quick little explanation on the little “dedications” at the top of some of my blog posts recently.

I’m on holiday at the moment, in England right now, and then on to Kenya in a couple of weeks time. So I’m trying out an idea of mine for souvenirs for my friends.

Instead of trying to find meaningful gifts for each of my friends, I’m going to write blog posts for each of them, about an experience I’ve had on holiday that I know they would like. So at the top of each of these posts, I’m “gifting” the experience to them in a way. For example, my friend Alicia and I are both big fans of Les Miserables. So in my blog post about going to see the musical, at the top, I say something along the lines of “This experience was for you Alicia!”, and I write about it as if it were a present for her.

Does that make sense? In that way, I can keep on top of my blogging, and I hope it will be a unique way of sharing my trip with my friends individually.

If you’ve still got questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below. 😊

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